NEA Recognizes the ECs at the 2022 Golden Dagitab Award


The Electric Cooperatives (ECs) with exemplary performance were recognizedbytheNationalElectrification Administration (NEA) at the 2022 Golden Dagitab Award. ECrepresentatives,mostly General Managers and Board Presidents, attended the occasion held at theNEABuildingin Quezon City on 29 July 2022. Financial, Institutional and Technical Awards were given. These include Lowest SystemLoss,Single Digit System Loss, Best in Collection Efficiency, Green Energy, Sitio EnergizationProgramand Rural Electrification Program Distinction. Special Citations for the following werealsoawarded:Sunshine EC, Most Complying in Audit Observation, Sound Financial Position, HighAGMAAttendance, TESDA Accredited Assessment Center, Best Practices on CorporateSocialResponsibility, Fully Liquidated Subsidy Fund, Advance Payment to NEA, Consistent GreenandCompact of Cooperation. The highlight of the event was the awarding of the Golden Dagitab Award to CebuIII ElectricCooperative, Inc. (CEBECO III) and Bohol I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BOHECOI) for exceptionalperformance in all facets of ECs' operations, exemplary service delivery to its member-consumer-owners (MCOs) and for maintaining a 100-percent performance score for the last fiveyearsormore despite the pandemic and other natural calamities. CEBECO III and BOHECOI aretopperforming ECs since 1984 and 1985, respectively. CEBECO III and BOHECO I were also among the 25 recipients of the Most OutstandingECAward together with ISECO, LUELCO, CAGELCO II, AURELCO, NEECOII-Area1, PENELCO,BATELEC II, TIELCO, CASURECO IV, CAPELCO, ILECO III, BANELCO, CEBECOI,PROSIELCO, BOHECO II, SAMELCO I, ZAMSURECO I, BUSECO, COTELCO, ANECO,SIARELCO, DIELCO and SURSECO I. Region VI, Region VIII and CARAGA Region were named the Best Regions havingall theECsunder these regions rated "AAA" for the last two rating periods. Region III baggedtheMostImproved Region Award while Quirino Electric Cooperative, Inc. (QUIRELCO) washailedastheMost Improved EC. From Category "B," QUIRELCO improved to Category "AAA" inthe2021ECOverall Performance Assessment. The NEA recognized as well the ECs with the Lowest Residential Rates. These wereNEECOII-Area 2 for Luzon, CENECO for the Visayas, LASURECO for Mindanao and DIELCOfor off-gridEC. QUIRELCO, IFELCO, MOPRECO, AURELCO, LUBELCO, BISELCO, BILECO,ZAMSURECO II, FIBECO, SOCOTECO I, SIARELCO and SURSECOI were theECswiththeLeast Number of Consumer Complaints. Energy Secretary Raphael Perpetuo Lotilla extended his warm greetings to theECsthroughavideo message. "This is but a reminder to all of us that we have a mission to accomplishforourcountry and our people. Electrification is a major mark of development in the lives of our people
and I can assure you that the Department of Energy and the President will fully support ourtargetsto have the electrification of 100 percent households in the Philippines," Secretary Lotillasaid.NEA Administrator Emmanuel Juaneza congratulated all the awardees. "The NEAcommendsallof you for showing resiliency and vigilance in coping with the challenges on the effectsof COVID-19 pandemic, natural calamities and pressing economic and political issues andconcerns,"theAdministrator said. The 2022 Golden Dagitab Award was held in celebration of NEA's 53rd FoundingAnniversaryandthe 13th National Electrification Awareness Month. Last 27-28 July 2022, theagencyalsoconducted the Leadership Development Program and the NEA-EC Consultative Conferencewhichaim to improve the service given by the ECs to its MCOs.###